{expatica + pitter-patter}

1. noun A life abroad with kids.

2. verbΒ  The act of building a life in a foreign country, with kids in tow.


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Hello, Sawadee Ka, Merhaba, Sawubona!

My name is Lucille, it’s lovely to meet you!

I’m a mother, history lover, traveller and storyteller. I have 3 nationalities and have lived in 7 countries on 4 continents. Now I’m raising my own multinational, bilingual children (3 boys!) abroad and things are getting a whole lot more complicated! Whether we’re living amongst the ancient minarets of Istanbul, the diversity and energy of South Africa, or the canals of The Netherlands, this is our colourful life abroad.

Whether you’re on your first assignment, an expat ‘lifer’, or aspiring to move abroad one day, I hope some of what you read here resonates with you!

Here you’ll find insights into life abroad and what it’s really like to create a life on the move; thoughts on raising kids abroad; finding identity in the midst of change and a few travel pieces thrown in for good measure!

I’m in these books!

This heartwarming, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking anthology of stories by 25 women in 25 different countries illustrates that the more we see, the more we learn about ourselves as human beings.

“Funny, moving, and insightful–a wild ride of motherhood around the world.” AK Turner, New York Times bestselling author of the Vagabonding With Kids series.

A wonderful collection of essays from expats around the world who share their insights about food, personal growth, and the adventure of living abroad.

Delve into new countries, traditions, and cuisines, from Mexico to Mongolia, as you learn how expats find the ingredients for their next meal, learn to love strange new dishes (like camel meat!), and bond with the people they meet over meals both exotic and humble. This book will make you hungry to travel abroad, or at least to settle for a taste of a different culture by trying one of the many included recipes.